Vehicle thefts up more than 80 per cent in latest Regina crime stats

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REGINA – Another monthly crime report, another spike in auto thefts.

According to Regina police, Regina saw an 81.8 per cent increase in vehicle thefts in April when compared to the same time period last year.

Seventy-three vehicles were reported stolen in April this year. Last year, 53 vehicles were stolen in April. This brings 2016’s year-to-date numbers up to 302; 157 more than last year’s 172.

Earlier this month, a provincial campaign was launched to drive down this number.



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    READ MORE: Police launch provincial campaign to drive down vehicle thefts

    A major part of this campaign was an advertising push to educate the public on the importance of locking your vehicle, not leaving a set of keys inside, and making sure valuables are well hidden or better yet removed.

    “We’re hoping and I think through the community support and through our partners that we can make some reductions through auto theft by the end of the year,” Chief Troy Hagen said.

    Overall, crimes against property are up 24.4 per cent year over year as of April 30.

    Crimes Against People

    The monthly crime stats aren’t all bad news, though. Crimes against the person fell 2.1 per cent in April year over year.

    This April saw fewer homicides, assaults, sexual assaults, kidnapping, and instances of criminal assault or stalking.

    However, there were three attempted murders reported this April, and only one in April 2015.

    Year-to-date the overall crime rate in Regina is up 17 per cent compared to last year.

    The April crime stats presented by Regina’s Board of Police Commissioners

    Regina Board of Police Commissioners

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