Steven Sabados returning to TV for first time since husband Chris Hyndman’s death

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It’s been nearly 10 months since Canadians were shocked by the unexpected death of designer and TV personality Chris Hyndman.

While the stylish and gregarious Hyndman continues to be missed by his many fans across the country, no one has suffered more from the tragic loss than Steven Sabados, Hyndman’s husband and partner in life, love and business.


“I’m coping,” Sabados told ET Canada‘s Roz Weston when he dropped by the studio Tuesday. “Every day, that’s basically it. Every day you just take it another day.”

Sabados is speaking out for the first time since the tragic loss of his longtime love and he admits it hasn’t been easy finding a new normal. “For me, it’s been 28 years so that’s all I know. We were kids, we grew up together.”

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Steven and Chris married in 2008 but were together for nearly 28 years. “We were just foolish kids,” Sabados says. “We literally moved in together fresh off the start and never looked back.”

These days Sabados is doing his best to look forward. He’s launched his own website and is releasing a new lifestyle collection, S&C.

“Chris’ essence is always there,” Sabados says of the collection. “We never forget him. Our brand is very conscious of keeping him present.”

Sabados admits he still consults with his dearly departed. “I talk to him all day. Every day,” he admits, “Because we had that passion together. When we would design stuff we’d have these huge creative arguments and I miss that. You just miss your best friend.”

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In addition to getting back in the design game, Sabados is also returning to television. He’ll be part of an upcoming CBC daytime show, which will feature multiple hosts and experts, and is expected to launch in October. “I can finally say I’m going back to TV. Even after all this I’m going to use the strength of everyone around me and the viewers to say, ‘Let’s do it all together!’”

Though he’s looking forward to getting back on the air, Sabados admits the grieving process continues to be a struggle. “To be here with you,” he tells Roz, “I don’t even know how I get out of bed… a lot of times I just want to go back to sleep. I want to dream.”

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