Preeceville, Sask. residents attend fiery debate on health care

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REGINA – A group of more than 50 Preeceville, Sask. residents descended on the legislative building Wednesday to protest the upcoming closure of ER services in that town.

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A fiery debate took place in question period as the opposition NDP slammed the Saskatchewan party in front of the concerned residents.


“In 2005, [Preeceville] was assessed as needing a hospital,” NDP health critic Danielle Chartier said.

“They got a hospital and now it’s a bigger place, it serves not just Preeceville but a broader area and they need acute and emergency services there.”

The premier defended what the province has done to protect rural health care.

“We cannot force a doctor to stay, neither can we force doctors to locate to certain communities. What we can do is provide incentives [and] we’ve added to those bursaries,” Wall said.

According to the Saskatchewan government, the Rural Family Physician Incentive Program pays $120K over 5 years to recently graduated physicians who practice in a community of 10,000 people or less.

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However, talk of incentives are not quelling concerns for the residents affected most.

“Everybody in our whole community, surrounding area, they’ve fundraised huge dollars. $3.5 million was fundraised,” Preeceville resident Tammy Pantiuk said.

“We want it, we deserve it.”

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