Paul Grebinski moves to heavyweight for Saturday Night Fights Round 11

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REGINA – When professional mixed martial arts (MMA) debuted in Regina last November, it allowed some fighters to perform in front of their hometown crowd for the first time in years.

However that wasn’t the case for Paul Grebinski. He was slated to for a light heavyweight bout but failed to make the required 205 pounds at the weigh-in.

“[I] got a little on the sick side. I ended up not making weight, and it was a disappointing thing,” he explained.


“I worked hard for a lot of years to be in [Regina’s] debut pro MMA event, but I guess I’ll settle for this instead.”

“As a coach I just thought, for Paul’s health 205 is behind,” AJ Scales said.

Scales is the head coach at Complete MMA, as well as the promoter for Saturday Night Fights. He’s been coaching Grebinski for almost a decade, and Scales says he knows when to push Grebinski, and when to pull him back.

For his training camp leading up to Saturday Night Fights Round 11, they decided it’s best to focus on training instead of cutting weight.

Grebinski began his last training camp around 250 pounds, and had to cut about 45 pounds. Fighters often refer to weight cuts as the first fight they need to win.

“You’re really stressed out the week of the fight because of making weight. Your diet obviously, depleting yourself, the dehydration process is all very grueling,” Grebinski said.

“You minus that out of the equation, and it’s a lot more enjoyable.”

On Saturday May 28, Grebinski returns to the ring to take on Manitoba’s Rick Genaille in a heavyweight collision. Cutting weight won’t be a factor for Grebinski, as the heavyweight division maxes out at 265 pounds.

“Paul’s a high level jiu-jitsu fighter, and has some great hands; some heavy hands. So let’s see them,” Scales said.

Grebinski has been investing time in his striking, and is banking on a highlight reel knockout at home; a moment he’s been waiting on for a long time.

Outside the ring, he’s a financial advisor with Sunlife Financial, so the big man knows the value of waiting for a big payoff.

Win or lose, some of that money may be coming Grebinski’s way as he’s had opponents become clients in the past.

“It’s kind of an interesting conversation piece, because at one point in time I’m fighting a guy, and then the next minute I’m trying to protect their wealth and health. It’s kind of a contrast in character,” he laughed.

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