Why you don’t have to give your smartphone to police at a crime scene

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What are your rights if police want your smartphone or other device as evidence?

The actions of Vancouver Police Department officers are being questioned a day after a police-involved shooting near Hastings and Cassiar Streets.

READ MORE: Man arrested following police-involved shooting in Vancouver

“I need to take that as evidence, sir,” an officer says to a person with smartphone footage at the scene.

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“No, it’s mine. My property,” the man responds.

“Not anymore. This is under investigation, so I need to take that video as evidence,” responds the officer.

Not so, says the executive director of the BC Civil Liberties Association.

“It’s totally your right to send them that footage afterwards, to send an email to the officer attending, but you don’t have to turn over your phone to the police,” Josh Paterson said.

He says that police can issue a warrant for a device, and are entitled to seize a witness’ cellphone for evidence on scene if they reasonably believe the footage would be deleted.

“We’re very concerned police may ask in a way that people don’t understand that they have a right to say no, and provide evidence in another way.”

Police also took an iPad from Debbie Gajdosik, though she consented to giving police her device.

“We wanted to do our civic duty,” she said.

But Gajdosik wanted to stay with her iPad so she could get it back that evening and that meant she ended up waiting three hours at VPD headquarters.

“After about one and a half hours, they told us we could leave, and I said, ‘I’m not leaving without my device.’ Getting it back proved to be a hassle,” she said.

Paterson says that if police officers want footage or photos from witnesses on scene, they should get their contact information, and ask them to email it later.

“This is your own personal belonging … it has personal details of your emails, your bank accounts, texts with your loved ones, all kinds of things that police have absolutely no right to have,” he said.

“There’s no question that police should not be confiscating people’s cellphones.”

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Fort McMurray residents will return to community with access to health care thanks to unique facility

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Early next month, residents displaced by a massive wildfire will return to Fort McMurray, although their community won’t be the same and still won’t be fully functional in terms of access to public services.

However, thanks to a unique facility put together in an incredibly short period of time, they will have access to a surprisingly wide range of health care services.

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  • ‘This keeps me busy’: Fort McMurray fire evacuee runs donation centre in Wandering River

  • Phased re-entry plan for oilsands camps near Fort McMurray begins

    Alberta Health Services (AHS) EMS Fleet Operations team set up a series of tent-like portable shelters, which now make up the Fort McMurray Urgent Care Centre outside the Syncrude Sport and Wellness Centre.

    A 10-person team of AHS staff from Calgary and Edmonton created the series of Portable Isolation Containment Systems (PICS).

    READ MORE: Heroic measures praised during the Fort McMurray hospital evacuation

    The facility was needed after the Northern Lights Regional Health Centre, Fort McMurray’s only hospital, was evacuated as the wildfire ripped through the community.

    READ MORE: ‘We got the job done’: Nurse describes Fort McMurray hospital evacuation

    The portable, inter-connected units offer clean air, clean water and enough space to deliver health care services in a community expected to face smoky conditions and a lack of clean water for some time yet.

    The facility is made up of four 20-by-40-foot rectangular shelters, five 20-by-20-foot octagon shelters and five hallways to connect the units. The facility also features a HEPA-filtered HVAC system, heating, air conditioning, a generator for power supply as well as interior lighting.

    A look at the temporary Fort McMurray Urgent Care Centre.


    “The urgent care facility that we’ve set up over the last couple of weeks in Fort McMurray is working excellently,” David Mador, AHS’ vice president and medical director for northern Alberta, said. “We’re quite pleased with the functionality and we’ve been able to recreate a full-service emergency department.”

    According to AHS, the Urgent Care Centre is a crucial piece of infrastructure not only for when some evacuees return, but also in the interim because it provides health care access to first responders and people helping to rebuild the community in the wake of the disaster.

    “Despite the fact that the majority of the population had left Fort McMurray, we’re still left with a lot of people in the area requiring emergency services but we did not have a hospital and so from our perspective, it was critical that we create capacity to deliver urgent and emergent care to the folks that were there and to prepare for the return of people back into Fort McMurray if we couldn’t get back into the hospital in a prompt fashion,” Mador said.

    According to AHS, the Urgent Care Centre is capable of dealing with a significant number of health care demands with its emergency care, laboratory services, X-ray and CT-scan capabilities. It also has an operating room which can be used if life or limb-threatening conditions mean surgery needs to be completed before a patient can be transferred to hospital.

    A look at the temporary Fort McMurray Urgent Care Centre.


    READ MORE: Fort McMurray wildfire: How to see if your power and natural gas are back on

    In most cases, however, patients who need a higher level of care will be transported to Edmonton by ground and air ambulance until Fort McMurray’s Northern Lights Regional Health Centre re-opens. Mador said 400 people are currently working to clean that hospital as well as recalibrate the HVAC system and restore utilities there. He hopes at least the emergency department and diagnostic imaging and lab area will be able to open around the time the first wave of residents return.

    READ MORE: Phased re-entry into Fort McMurray after wildfire to begin June 1

    The centre has more than 30 patient care spaces and has already treated nearly 200 patients since it opened on May 14. AHS said staffing will soon increase in order to allow the facility to care for as many as 150 patients per day.

    There are currently 27 staff members working at the facility.

    This is not the first time AHS has used the PICS system to put together a temporary health care facility. It was used as a temporary emergency department at Edmonton’s Grey Nuns Community Hospital when the permanent emergency department was being renovated, as a pediatric emergency department at Edmonton’s Stollery Children’s Hospital, as an assessment unit at Edmonton’s Royal Alexandra Hospital during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic, and as an assessment unit during a measles outbreak in the South Zone in 2013.

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No room for sexual misconduct on navy ships: commander

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VICTORIA – The West Coast’s top-ranking naval officer says there’s no room for sexual misconduct on board his ships, and he’s on a mission to offer support and comfort to victims of abuse.

Rear Admiral Gilles Couturier said Wednesday in an interview with he won’t tolerate sexual misconduct offences in the Canadian Forces.

“The Chief of Defence Staff (Gen. Jonathan Vance) has said, ‘not in my Canadian Armed Forces,’” said Couturier. “I’ll say, ‘not in my navy.’ Those kind of people, again, are not the kind of image, the kind of folks I’m looking for. If they are predators, they don’t belong in my outfit. I’ll be as simple as that.”

WATCH: Number of military sexual misconduct investigations jump 30 per cent

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The commanding officer of Maritime Forces Pacific said military investigations of alleged sexual misconduct incidents have increased since the Canadian Armed Forces formed a crisis response centre last year at the Department of National Defence.

Couturier said the increase was expected after the military opened itself to hearing allegations.

“We like to think we made some progress as an organization, as an institution in the Canadian Armed Forces,” said Couturier.

“People believe they’ve got a better opportunity to make their case and we’ll listen. We’re telling them, ‘we’ll support you. Let us know what happened, and we’ll help you.”

Former Supreme Court of Canada justice Marie Deschamps delivered a report last year documenting what she described as a culture of sexual harassment in the military.

The Canadian Forces’ highest-ranking woman, Maj.-Gen. Christine Whitecross, dismissed reports last May that her work on a response to Deschamps’ review was being constrained by a top military directive to ignore certain recommendations.

Deschamps made 10 recommendations, including forming an independent complaints process for victims of sexual abuse.

Sajjan challenged on sexual misconduct in the military comment


Sajjan challenged on sexual misconduct in the military comment


Sajjan questions report on sexual misconduct in military


Vance explains why he’s pleased sexual misconduct numbers went up


Gen. Vance: Progress in sexual misconduct report ‘represents a start’

Couturier said he was stung by Deschamps’ report.

“I was hurt,” he said. “I felt I failed in some area. I’m very keen to make people not afraid to come out.”

He said he was particularly wounded by Deschamps’ finding that people in the navy fear reprisals if they come forward with their stories of sexual misconduct.

“People are scared the chain of command is going to affect their career,” said Couturier.

“My message to you and my message to everybody I talk to is that’s so far from the truth. If you have an issue come to us and we’ll help.”

He said stamping out sexual misconduct in the military remains a work in progress.

“We are not there yet, but we are much more open,” Couturier said. “We’re taking action to deal with what we’ve observed as a miss in our way of doing business.”

The naval officer said Canadian women should feel comfortable and safe embarking on careers in the navy.

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Saskatoon officials propose relocating fire hall to help response times

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In order to adapt to Saskatoon’s growth, fire officials are proactively pursuing a property that should improve response times. For the second time in its history, fire hall number three could be relocated.

“Every minute counts when it comes to a structure fire and those first four minutes especially with new home construction are crucial,” said fire chief Morgan Hackl.

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  • The rules governing fire pit use in Saskatoon

    Critical time that has the Saskatoon Fire Department thinking ahead and looking to move number three hall.

    At this point, Saskatoon fire crews are required to meet some of the highest standards in the country if not North America. According to the chief, this means responding to an emergency in four minutes or less, 90 per cent of the time.

    “The majority of the time, the current fire station location here on Taylor Street and York, we are achieving a four-minute response,” said Hackl.

    “The concern is south of its district which is Stonebridge and Exhibition Industrial area, we are not meeting those targets for most of our calls into that area.”

    Receiving 1,500 calls a year, crews at three hall respond within four minutes approximately 70 per cent of the time compared to the city-wide average of 83 per cent.

    By building a fire hall on Clarence Avenue South and Wilson those response times should improve without compromising safety or service elsewhere.

    For a land purchase price of $500,000, St. Martin’s United Church has given the fire department its blessing to build on its second parking lot just north of church.

    “We’re happy to be part of something that is going to be good for our community overall,” said Reverend Michael Webster of St. Martin’s United Church.

    Extensive consultation has been conducted with the congregation, with the build  meaning less parking for patrons and perhaps a few interrupted sermons

    “Noise, that came up,” said Reverend Webster

    “They tell us they respond to three or four calls a day and try to be as respectful of their neighbours as they can.”

    Of the more than 1,500 calls received a year by hall three, fire officials say approximately 785 of those calls required fire trucks leaving with lights and sirens.

    An estimated 260 of those calls occurred during hours area residents would have been asleep and that it’s up to the discretion of the crew to sound sirens depending on traffic flow.

    If passed at Monday’s standing policy committee meeting, a report will then go before city council on June 27. If everything goes according to plan, construction on this site will start in 2017 and be complete by 2018.

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Rural landowners west of Calgary warn about wildfires in wake of Fort McMurray

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BRAGG CREEK, Alta. – A former firefighter in Fort McMurray is now urging residents in Rocky View County to be more aware of wildfire risks.

Fire Chief Randy Smith, a firefighter for 10 years in Fort McMurray, told a meeting of the Rocky View 2020 Landowners in Balzac that they can’t take fire safety for granted.

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    “You have a rural property and there is a responsibility to first of all look after your own property,” Smith said. “Just maybe put in a little bit of insurance there, or at least mitigate the chances of having a catastrophic event come along and burn your house down.”

    READ MORE: Global’s ongoing coverage of the Fort McMurray wildfires

    Simple things like cutting grass and clearing dead brush around a property, keeping firewood from being stacked against a building, switching to non-combustible siding and asphalt roofs can make a big difference.

    Mark Kamachi lives and works in Bragg Creek, about 50 kilometres west of Calgary.

    His home and business are surrounded by trees, so the fire in Fort McMurray has been a wake-up call.

    He says he’s more concerned about visitors, tourists and campers using the forests around his home.

    “Human error is a cause of a lot of these fires, so I think we–as a community or people coming into the community–have to be aware of the risks you take or the dangers you can cause,” Kamachi said.

    The fire chief for Redwood Meadows, which serves Bragg Creek, says they began planning for the fire season long before Fort McMurray.

    “Preparation is always your first step in emergency response…So being prepared to respond,” Rob Evans said. “We’re always changing for the season.”

    Rural landowners who want to update fire safety around their property can contact the Rocky View Fire Department at 403-230-1401 for a free FireSmart assessment.

    Watch below: Ongoing video coverage of the Fort McMurray wildfires

    Fort McMurray fire continues to grow but re-rentry plans remain on track


    Fort McMurray fire continues to grow but re-rentry plans remain on track


    How long will it take Fort McMurray to return to a state of ‘normalcy’?


    Phased re-entry plan for oilsands camps near Fort McMurray begins


    Fort McMurray wildfire: fire size estimated to cover 522,895 hectares


    Fort McMurray wildfire: Cold, wet weather in province did not reach wildfire areas

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Decidedly Jazz Danceworks unveils new $26M centre downtown Calgary

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A dream decades old is soon to become a reality for Decidedly Jazz Danceworks.

The school is set to unveil a brand new state-of-the-art dance centre in downtown Calgary.

“This is what we thought was going to be a summer project at the time… and 32 years later, we have a building,” Vicki Adams Willis, the founder in residence of DJD said.

The 40,000 square foot facility at 111 12 Avenue S.E. includes seven dance studios and a theatre that can seat 320 people.

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  • Regina dance company takes audience on a ride in city wide dance performance

    Dancing with the Calgary Stars – Dawn Litzenberger, President of Calgary Dance Foundation

    Global Calgary welcomes Calgary Metis Cultural Dancers

    They’re expecting a full house Friday night for an opening gala and brand new performance, aptly called “New Universe”.

    “We’re interpreting bug-like creatures in this show,” described dancer Catherine Hayward.

    She has been with DJD longer than any other dancer and is excited that the group will finally have a permanent home.

    “So often we’re searching for spaces to rehearse or perform, and now we have a building with seven studio spaces and a studio theatre. So it will allow all different artists who are rehearsing or performing to come under one roof.”

    Willis, meanwhile, is happily growing the legacy her family leaves behind.

    “My mother, who was Alice Murdock Adams, opened the first full-on dance studio in 1927 and my aunt was a great pioneer in the city in the 1950s and 60s,” Willis said. “I guess it was in my genes.”

    Vicki Adam William’s mother, Alice Murdoch Adams (above) opened the first full dance studio in Calgary in 1927.

    “I often look around and think ‘look what you started mom, back in 1927’.”

    Final touches are still underway on the $26-million facility, with hopes the building will become a hub for Calgary’s dance community.

    “We hope to bring a new vibrancy and a new life to the arts and Calgary,” artistic director Kimberly Cooper said.

    Gala opening performances will be held at DJD Friday and Saturday starting at 6:30 p.m.

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Protesters clash with police outside Trump rally in California

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ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) —; A day after violent protesters outside a Donald Trump rally threw burning items at police and toppled barricades, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee railed against “Crooked Hillary” Clinton and leaders in his own party who haven’t yet endorsed him in a boisterous but less heated rally on Wednesday.

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Outside, demonstrators quietly held up signs reading ‘Love and Peace” and “Migration is beautiful” during the rally, but the modest crowd grew rowdier when Trump supporters came outside. The two sides shouted at each other as dozens of police, some on horseback, moved in to prevent a renewal of the violence that included rock-throwing and burning T-shirts Tuesday night in New Mexico.

READ MORE: Riot breaks out at Donald Trump rally in New Mexico

Five people were arrested as a line of police slowly moved scattered protesters along a nearby street.

Inside, Trump’s rally was interrupted several times by protesters who were escorted out of the Anaheim Convention Center, which was packed with thousands of Trump supporters.

“Get ’em out!” he shouted at one point. “Out! Out! Out!” But Trump urged his supporters and security to handle his interrupters gently. “Don’t hurt ’em,” he told them. “I say that for the television cameras. Do not hurt him even though he’s a bad person.”

Later, a pair of protesters in the stands behind the candidate ripped a Trump sign in half and made a rude gesture toward the crowd.

As for Clinton, Trump noted Wednesday’s report by the State Department inspector general that faulted her for her use of private email for official business when she was secretary of state.

WATCH: Raw footage shows protesters clashing with police officers outside a Donald Trump rally in Orange County, Cali. on Wednesday.

“She had a little bad news today, as you know. Some reports came down, weren’t so good,” Trump said. “The inspector general’s report – not good.”

Trump said that he was eager to run against Clinton, but wondered aloud, as he often does, whether she would actually be the Democratic Party’s nominee.

“It could be we’re going to run against Crazy Bernie,” he said. “He’s a crazy man, but that’s OK. We like crazy people.”

Trump appeared to be making a concerted effort on Wednesday to tout his support with women. He met with a group of female business leaders ahead of the rally and invited several onstage. “I’m telling you, women do like me,” he said.

But later he went after Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has been vigorously criticizing him.

“She gets nothing done, nothing passed. She’s got a big mouth, and that’s about it,” he said of Warren. “But they use her because Hillary’s trying to be very presidential. She’s stopping with the shouting, OK?”

“I’ll be honest with you, I cannot listen to her,” he added of Clinton.

READ MORE: Trump, Clinton win Washington state’s presidential primaries

Trump’s western swing comes as he works to unify a Republican Party that often remains skeptical of his candidacy. During the rally, Trump offered jabs at 2012 nominee Mitt Romney and former rival Jeb Bush, who have yet to endorse his candidacy.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is still holding out on endorsing Trump even as his staff and other House Republicans and aides communicate increasingly closely with the Trump campaign on policy.

Meeting with reporters Wednesday, Ryan shot down rumors that an endorsement was imminent. “I don’t have a timeline in my mind and I have not made a decision and nothing’s changed from that perspective,” he said.

WATCH: Trump rallies continue to draw protesters; new information released on Clinton email scandal

Later in the day his staff disclosed that Ryan planned to speak with Trump Wednesday evening by phone but insisted it was not about endorsing. “The purpose of the call tonight is for the two of them to continue their conversation about unifying the party,” said spokesman Zack Roday.

Before the Anaheim rally, police issued a firm warning to protesters that violence would not be tolerated following the clashes between anti-Trump protesters and police in New Mexico a day earlier.

In one of the presidential campaign year’s more unruly spectacles, anti-Trump protesters had thrown burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at police officers, injuring several, and had toppled trash cans and barricades.

Police responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades into the crowd outside the Albuquerque Convention Center.

READ MORE: ‘Small, insecure moneygrubber’: Sen. Elizabeth Warren blasts Donald Trump

In Anaheim, pro- and anti-Trump demonstrators clashed last month at Anaheim City Hall when the City Council discussed a resolution criticizing Trump as divisive. Rally attendees arrived early Wednesday, weaving through a maze of police barricades and security checkpoints before entering the venue.

The violence in New Mexico has prompted security concerns beyond neighboring California. Police in Bismarck, North Dakota, said Wednesday they would dedicate about a quarter of their force for security when Trump heads to the state Thursday.

Sgt. Mark Buschena said about 30 officers would be assigned to the event at the Bismarck Civic Center. Trump is keynoting the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference and Expo, with about 7,000 people expected to attend.

Trump was also scheduled to attend a TV taping and a fundraiser in the Los Angeles area Wednesday evening. He’ll be back in California on Friday with visits to Fresno and San Diego.

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Does there need to be a potency limit for legal pot?

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VANCOUVER — Doctors at Washington’s Providence St. Peter Hospital are dealing with an unusual emergency: patients showing up with panic attacks and psychotic episodes. That’s because they’re smoking stronger pot than they’re used to.

“These are mostly older folks who tried marijuana in high school and are using it again,” said Kristi Weeks with the Washington State Department of Health. “They’re surprised at how much stronger it is now.”

READ MORE: Legalized marijuana: Capitalizing on cannabis or profiting from potheads?

When Washington state made pot legal in 2012, no one predicted THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) potency would be an issue. THC is what produces the high in cannabis.

“We need to look at potency limits because there are no limits,” said Rick Garza, director of the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board. “You can get concentrates of THC that are 75 to 80 per cent or higher.”

States like Colorado, where pot is also legal, are trying to limit it to 15 per cent. But public policy experts say it’s too late.

READ MORE: Washington rakes in the green from budding pot business

“The legal industry has cultivated a bunch of consumers who have used so much that they have a tolerance and need potent pot to get stoned,” said Mark Kleiman, a professor of public policy at New York University who advised the state on how to proceed with its public health policy.

Washington made recreational pot legal to put an end to the black market, but a THC potency limit may allow the underground market to survive.

“There will be smuggling of high potency pot from, say, a place like Vancouver,” said Kleiman.

READ MORE: Marijuana companies have budding aspirations for pot legalization in Canada

Derek Franklin rallied against the legalization of pot, concerned that young people will get hooked on these higher THC levels.

“When we normalize it, the barriers come down,” said Franklin. “So far, the youth who do use are using higher potency marijuana.”

Studies show that abuse of drugs can affect the development of young people’s brains up until the age of 25.

Washington lawmakers tried to ensure kids aren’t a target for the recreational marijuana industry, by making sure pot shops and billboards are at least 300 metres away from schools, parks, and libraries.

The state health department can only count on that – and an education campaign – to make sure young people don’t get hooked.

But the potency predicament may be a whole other ballgame.

“Maybe we are leading people to smoke more then,” said Weeks.

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  • Canada’s move to legalize marijuana violates international law, experts say

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Edmonton’s recent rain provides perfect conditions for mosquito development

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EDMONTON – While many in the Capital Region rejoiced over the much-needed rain that fell over the weekend, there is a downside to all the moisture and it comes with a bite.

The rain led to a substantial amount of standing water in and around Edmonton, which is the perfect place for mosquitoes to develop.

“We are seeing hatching in a lot of those habitats. There are mosquitoes developing in a lot of that standing water,” Mike Jenkins, a biological sciences technician with the City of Edmonton, said.

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  • Experts warn conditions are ripe for a mosquito outbreak in Calgary

  • 2016 the second coldest May long weekend in Calgary in at least 40 years

    READ MORE: Capital Region sees extra rainy May long weekend

    But while there is the potential for mosquitoes to hatch, Jenkins said the type of rain the Edmonton area experienced was ideal as far as trying to control the skeeter population is concerned.

    “It was a fairly long, slow and cool soak-in rather than a big torrential downpour all in one afternoon,” Jenkins explained, adding much of the moisture was absorbed by the extremely dry ground and plants. “In a lot of ways it was the perfect type of storm to come through at this time.

    “Many of those habitats may actually be gone before the larvae are even able to develop into mosquitoes. But we’re going to be treating those because there is rain in the forecast again.”

    Crews are using three approaches in hopes reducing the number of aquatic larvae that are developing in the ponds before they hatch.

    Helicopters are the primary course of action, used to treat standing bodies of water. Ground crews are out using backpack sprayers to treat parks, industrial areas and spaces along train tracks. The city had also deployed ditch trucks, which mainly focus on water that collects in ditches on the side of the road.

    “It’s a much more effective process than trying to control them after they’re already out and trying to treat them as adults,” Jenkins said.

    Up until now, Edmonton has had a very low mosquito population this year because it’s been so dry.

    “Possibly among the lowest we’ve ever had. I haven’t actually compared exactly week-to-week to make sure but it’s definitely down there,” Jenkins said.

    READ MORE: Edmonton starts getting mean with mosquitoes, says dry conditions helping

    And of course, with more rain that could quickly change. Jenkins said it typically takes about one week after a significant rainfall for the mosquitoes to come out in full force.

    Rain totals varied throughout the city over the May long weekend, but on average, Edmonton saw about 68.9 millimetres of rain. The average rainfall for Edmonton in May is 46.1mm.

    So far this year, Edmonton has received about 119.3mm of rain.

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‘We have five children depending on us’: Kelowna family has four days to find a home

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KELOWNA —; The Kishors thought they had finally found some relief: after searching for a rental home for nearly three months, they thought they were going to move in on Wednesday. But late Tuesday night, they received a call, saying  that place had unexpectedly become unavailable.

“We have the moving truck coming and not really sure where we’re taking it to,” said Christine Kishor, a mother of six children —; five of whom still live at home.

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Global News interviewed Kishor earlier this month when the family was struggling to find an affordable rental home.

READ MORE: Kelowna family about to become homeless because of a housing crunch

Now Kishor is back on the hunt, frantically browsing ads online, and emailing and phoning  property managers.

She said she’s under the gun because her landlord is selling the home and her family must move out by Sunday. But she said there are very few vacancies available and even fewer in their price range.

Kishor said homes are renting for between $2,800 and $5,000 a month in Kelowna, out of reach for the professional couple’s $2,000 budget, adding most landlords are increasing prices as demand goes up.

“What in the world are we going to do? We have five children depending on us. The last thing a parent wants is not being able to provide shelter for their children.”

Vacancy rates in Kelowna can be very low at times, but property manager Courtney Deshayes with Vantage West Realty said the numbers are almost unprecedented.

Deshayes said for every 1,000 homes in Kelowna, only five are available for rent.

“I don’t think we’ve seen it at 0.5 per cent. Last year, around this time, it was one to 1.5 per cent,” she said.

Kishor and her family are putting their belongings in storage as they desperately look for a place to call home. She said  if they aren’t able to find a suitable place in time  they may have to separate the family and move in with various friends.

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