Kahnawake looking out for lone wolf near Diabo Road

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KAHNAWAKE —; Residents in Kahnawake are on the lookout for a wolf after resident Dennis Leborgne noticed what he thought could be paw prints embedded in the ground.

“It could be a lone wolf,” he said.

Leborgne sent Arnold Lazare, the director of public safety for the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake, photos of the prints.

A public advisory was issued – in essence telling people in the area of Diabo Road not to wander outside if they don’t need to.

This paw print is larger than a pencil, and officials believe it could belong to a wolf.

Dennis Leborgne

Days later, another member of the community came out to say her bull mastiff was attacked by a large animal she believed to be a wolf.

According to Lazare, there aren’t any other large dogs in the area.

Arnold Lazare has a garage full of cages —; there are a lot of wild animals around Kahnawake.

Billy Shields/Global News

Nicki Fleming, a biologist with the Ecomuseum, explained there are grey wolf populations in Ontario and Quebec.

The closest one to Kahnawake, however, would be around Mont Tremblant.

Gargamel, the male wolf at the Ecomuseum.

Billy Shields/Global News

Lone wolves are known to leave their natural habitats to seek new turf to hunt and it’s possible that such a wolf wandered south all the way to Kahnawake, Fleming said.

However, many view the prospect of a wolf in Kahnawake as being remote.

“It could be that’s what [that paw print photo] is,” said Joe Delaronde, spokesperson for the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake.

But, he added, “it would be a first.”


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