Illegal dumper caught by scouts camp surveillance video partly cleans up mess

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A suspect involved in illegal dumping at Camp Harris, a Scouts Canada camp in Mineville, has been identified and will now have to clean up the waste he left behind.

Earlier this year illegal dumping littered the grounds of the popular camp with mounds of garbage and scattered debris.

On Monday, Camp Harris became a little cleaner thanks to recent efforts made by the camp to deter people from disposing of waste on the property.

In April, Camp Harris resorted to installing a trail cam to prevent further dumping. The images taken from the camera showed someone allegedly driving onto the property and leaving behind a large pile of wood with rusted metal rods.

Camp Harris responded by posting the images to social media in hopes of finding the suspect, and now through an individual believed to be involved in the illegal dumping has been caught.


Robert Chipman, the chair of Camp Harris, confirmed in a phone interview with Global News on Wednesday that the accused had been identified.

Chipman says Bylaw Officers gave the suspect two options —; either pay a fine to have the grounds cleaned up, or clear out all of the litter on the property.

Halifax Regional Municipality spokesperson Tiffany Chase says the city has not charged or issued a fine to anyone as a result of the illegal dumping incident.

On Monday morning, when Chipman arrived at the camp, he noticed that although the grounds have been cleaned, not all of the garbage had been removed.

Chipman isn’t sure whether the man will return to finish cleaning up the mess or if he will have to pay a fine.

A final inspection will take place later this week, and it will be up to the scout camp to decide if the accused has sufficiently cleaned up the property.

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