Flin Flon propane explosion injures one, blast felt across community

A propane explosion at a Stittco Energy Ltd. garage in Flin Flon left one person injured Wednesday morning.

The explosion happened around 8 a.m, and was felt across the community, knocking out power in the area and damaging surrounding structures and vehicles. It completely destroyed Stittco Energy on Third Avenue.

One resident says the blast shook their home so hard it smashed their front window, and sent their plants and art work to the floor.

“There was a huge crashing sound and it felt like the floor dropped below my feet and the whole house shook,” Laura Sparling said.

“I could see a flash of light from the corner of my eye and I looked out the window to catch the exploding building.”

Sparling says the force of the explosion was so great it blew open the dead-bolted front door to their home.

The blast happened after there was an unexpected leak when employees at the propane supply company were doing repair work, said Mark Kolt, Flin Flon’s chief administrative officer.

Aftermath of explosion in Flin Flon.

Flin Flon Reminder. Photos by Jonathon Naylor

One person was sent to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and a number of nearby businesses were evacuated.

Flin Flon Reminder. Photos by Jonathon Naylor

One person was injured with non-life threatening injuries, and some businesses around the area were evacuated, RCMP said.

Police are working with the office of the fire commissioner investigating the matter.

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