CCCP releases ‘groundbreaking’ results on abducted then murdered children

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With summer just around the corner the Canadian Centre for Child Protection (CCCP) is warning parents to be vigilant.

In a preliminary report called “Abducted then Murdered Children,” the CCCP says the most common months for a child to be abducted are June, July and August.

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The report was published Wednesday, to mark the 30th International Missing Children’s Day.

The study, which looked at 147 abductions of children under 16 years old over a 40-year period, aims to provide Canadians with important information to help reduce abductions.

“Education is the best antidote to common public denial that this will ‘never happen to my child,’” the study reads.

Some of the statistics are staggering.


84 per cent of the victims were femaleaverage age was 11.6 years old


92 per cent were male69 per cent were under 30-years-old55 per cent had a previous criminal record


77 per cent were sexually motivated41 per cent of abductions occurred in June, July or August45 per cent occurred on a Friday or Saturday

Keeping your kids safe

Using these stats, the CCCP has come up with some guidelines for parents:

Act immediately if you believe your child is missing. Time is crucial. While one person is calling police, others should canvas the area where the child was last seenage appropriate supervision is importantteach your child safety habits and strategies like the buddy system

See the full list of recommendations below. You can read the full report on the CCCP’s website here.


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