Nov 16

Sussex moves toward strategic plan after Picadilly mine closure

Less than six months after the closure of the Picadilly potash mine, the town of Sussex is moving forward.

More than 400 people were put out of work when the mine closed. Since then there have been several job fairs and most recently community leaders got together with the aim of making the town even better.

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“First of all Sussex was never just a mining town,” Blair Hyslop owner of Mrs. Dunster’s said.

Hyslop is one of the facilitators in the ongoing effort to develop a strategic plan focusing on the town’s priorities going forward. He says that means building on its strengths.

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“We’re not trying to reinvent the community as something new,” Hyslop said. “What we’re trying to do is take advantage of what we already have in terms of people and resources.”

A series of community meetings have already been held and several more focused sessions are coming up next month.

Ivan Graham is President of the Sussex and District Chamber of Commerce. He says the mine’s importance can’t be downplayed but it’s time to move on.

“We have a choice,” Graham said. “Either to be a victim of our circumstances or to take action and try to provide positive solutions to the difficulties that we’re in.”

One of the challenges is getting people mobilized and involved in the process.

“There’s a lot of people walking around, saying ‘Boy this town has a lot more potential than is being realized’ and how to sort of take advantage of that potential and how do we move forward?” Hyslop said. “So for those people it’s about getting them out of that frame of mind and getting to ‘here’s how.’”

“We have some wonderful entrepreneurs, people who have been very successful in our area and we want to help them be more successful and in the same way attract other businesses to the area,” Graham said.

Part of the process is the hiring of a business development officer for the region for a one year term. It’s hoped that the strategic plan will be finalized when this person assumes their position.

Nov 16

Madonna’s dancers, Toronto police officer recall how pop star was almost arrested

TORONTO —; Few people tell Madonna what to do, but Toronto police certainly tried.

It all came to a boil nearly 26 years ago – on May 29, 1990 – at the third and final Toronto show of the “Blond Ambition World Tour.”

Friction between the pop singer and local police had captured global headlines and Supt. Frank Bergen remembers it well – because he was assigned the unenviable task of standing up to the “Material Girl” at the height of her stardom.

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As the story went, police told Madonna’s management they’d received complaints from audience members at the previous evening’s show over her simulated masturbation while singing “Like a Virgin.”

Officers said if she didn’t scrap her crotch-grabbing antics at the SkyDome, now known as the Rogers Centre, they’d be forced to arrest her on obscenity charges.

Bergen, a 29-year-old Toronto constable at the time, was grappling with his own perspective on the situation.

He says the obscenity kerfuffle was led by a police detective and Crown attorney who took a strong position that Madonna’s show shouldn’t go on.

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“What I was struggling with was how do you go to the microphone and tell everyone the show is cancelled,” Bergen says.

“My role and my position was we were not going to shut the show down.”

The confrontation was immortalized in “Madonna: Truth or Dare,” the singer’s 1991 documentary. Looking back, he says the film didn’t exactly capture the full story.

“We were portrayed as being real knobs, if you will,” he says.

“I don’t think we were.”

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Some of Madonna’s dancers still fondly remember the backstage drama.

“Oh, we wanted to get arrested, we really did,” says Kevin Stea, who was part of the tour.

“That may have been the most powerful moment I ever felt with Madonna. As a team we were all together.”

Cancelling the show was an option – but one that Madonna didn’t want to entertain.

The tour had already been generating controversy for its racy themes. Toronto concertgoers were handed a $1-off coupon for condoms as they entered the stadium.

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Madonna also took a scripted moment in the show to encourage her male dancers to practice safe sex, in a nod to the HIV/AIDS epidemic that was near its peak.

Both moments placed extra scrutiny on the show and led some critics to accuse the singer of encouraging young fans to partake in casual sex.

A scene in “Truth or Dare” depicts Madonna gathered with her dancers and backup singers before the show for a prayer.

“Dear Lord, this is our last night in Toronto – the fascist state of Toronto,” she said.

“Remember that in the United States of America there is freedom of speech.”

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She then marched past Bergen and his colleagues, hand-in-hand with her singers singing “Holiday,” as he and his fellow officers watched the documentary cameras capture it all.

The concert began and Madonna took advantage of the opportunity to tease Toronto police.

“Do you think that I’m a bad girl?” she asked the crowd to cheers. “Do you think that I deserve to be arrested? I hope so.”

When “Like a Virgin” began, Madonna started the performance as she always did, curled up on a red velvet bed.

Jose Gutierez, one of the dancers in the number, will never forget gazing into the abyss of the audience.

“From the stage you could see their (police) badges at all the exit signs around the arena,” he recalls.

“All you saw was shimmers.”

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Madonna writhed and groped herself with the help of the dancers as her 1984 single reached its climax.

Then she moved on to her next hit.

When the show wrapped, Madonna’s entourage approached police to ensure they weren’t going to cart the singer away.

The officers assured them there were no problems.

“I think they just wanted free tickets,” jokes Gutierez with a hint of disappointment.

“I was into seeing what the jail system in Toronto looked liked with Madonna. I mean, how bad could it be?”

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Madonna’s dancers recall touring with the pop singer in the upcoming documentary “Strike a Pose,” which recently screened at Toronto’s Hot Docs film festival.

Bergen says he respects concerns over obscenity but concedes it would’ve been difficult to satisfy a “loose interpretation of the Criminal Code.”

It took a year before the officer would hear about his cinematic debut in “Truth or Dare.”

One afternoon, his teenage neighbour excitedly shouted across the backyard that he’d spotted him on the big screen.

Bergen admits his musical tastes didn’t sway towards Madonna, so the sheer magnitude of her celebrity was lost on him at the time.

And while he never spoke to Madonna himself, he ponders how the situation would’ve played out had officers arrested her that night.

“I don’t think we ever got to the (point), nor would we have, where we walked up onto the stage – and onto her bed – and handcuffed her,” he says.

“Then we would’ve been part of a different history.”

Nov 16

What are the cheapest places for Canadians to fly? (Hint: not in Canada)

We all know flying within Canada isn’t cheap. Well it turns out Canadian cities don’t even crack the top 10 when it comes to airfare affordability.

Air Canada’s CEO Calin Rovinescu said on Wednesday that Canada’s airport fees are too high, just as a travel report released by Cheapflights长沙夜网 found the 10 most affordable flights in Canada are all to U.S. destinations.

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  • Do you live in Canada’s most romantic city?

    The search site’s number crunching is based on results from six Canadian cities — Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal — between May 1, 2015 and April 30, 2016.

    On average, travelers in those cities are most likely to get the best round-trip deals when booking to:

      New York City ($294)Boston ($362)Washington, D.C. ($378)Chicago ($410)Seattle ($441)

    Florida hotspots (Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Tampa) round out the next three spots on the list, followed by Los Angeles ($458) and Phoenix ($461).

    For those who want to keep their vacation north of the border, Montreal is the cheapest Canadian destination. It comes in 15th with a $481 pricetag.

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    But it can still cost you more to fly there than to Cancun, which lands in the 12th spot on the list

    The most frequented Canadian destination is reportedly Vancouver, with its scenic ocean and mountain views.

    It’s apparently the second most common place for us to visit, behind Manila in the Philippines. Los Angeles is the other top spot.

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    Money-saving flight tips

    On average, it’s as cheap to fly to Hawaii ($613) than it is to fly to Vancouver ($612).The top three Caribbean money savers are: Cancun ($473); San Juan, Puerto Rico ($487) and Montego Bay, Jamaica ($587).Hong Kong ($961) is the least expensive gateway in Asia, followed by Tokyo ($1,026) and Shanghai ($1,048).Fly into Dublin ($801) rather than London ($873) or Glasgow ($920).Fancying Scandinavia? It’s best to fly into Oslo ($877) or Helsinki ($830) rather than Reykjavik ($954) or Copenhagen ($955).Craving a Spanish getaway? Try Mexico City over Barcelona and it could save you more than $300.

    For Torontonians looking for a trip outside North America, a flight to Paris ($762) or London ($789) may be their best bet.

    Those in Montreal might find airfare to Cancun ($475) or Varadero ($575) to be a steal.

    Cancun is also a cheap destination for Calgarians (at $502), whose next best out-of-continent option is Hong Kong ($1022).

    The Asian city gives Vancouverites the most bang for their buck (at $843), as well. Paris ($917) and Shanghai ($937) are their other two top options for lowest airfares.

    Winnipeg travellers could score a deal on a trip to Cancun ($507), London ($955) or Amsterdam ($1025).

    For a closer look at cheap fare options and cost-cutting city swaps, check out the infographic below from Cheapflights长沙夜网.

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Nov 16

Impaired boating crack down: sign campaign aimed at Saint John River boaters

MADD Canada has partnered with the City of Fredericton and its police department on a campaign that encourages people to report impaired boating incidents.

Signs have been placed at three of the city’s boat launches, Morell Park, Carleton Park and the Regent Street Wharf advising anyone who witnesses an intoxicated person operating a boat to call 9-1-1.

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“Fredericton’s very lucky to have the beautiful Saint John river behind us to enjoy,” said Public Safety Minister Stephen Horsman. “A lot of people are boating and we want to make it safe for everybody.”

“Drinking and boating, drinking and driving will not be tolerated,” said Horsman.

Fredericton police officer Steve Cliff says the more awareness brought to this issue, the better they’ll be able to enforce the law.

“Before people make the decision to go out they have to know that people are watching them,” said Cliff, who also works in Public Safety’s Marine Unit. “The more people who are watching…the more people that are inclined to not participate in that.”

Cliff says anyone caught operating a boat while under the influence will be dealt with in the same way someone driving a car while intoxicated would be.

“We have prosecuted successfully people for impaired boating,” said Cliff.

MADD’s Director of Education and Awareness Kali O’Dell hopes the campaign will help get rid of the incorrect notion some have of boating.

“People might not think having some alcohol and driving a boat is actually dangerous,” she said. “But it’s just as likely that you’re going to hurt someone there as in a motor vehicle.”

O’Dell hopes the signs will help to empower people to do the right thing if the situation arises.

“It’s an emergency line so people don’t always think that it’s okay to call,” O’Dell said of calling 9-1-1. “But it totally is when it comes to impaired driving.”

Nov 16

Nearly $20,000 in drugs, cash seized after suspected drug dealer arrested

LETHBRIDGE – A short-term investigation by the Alberta Lethbridge Enforcement Response Teams (ALERT) has led to charges against a suspected Lethbridge drug dealer.

ALERT’s organized crime and gang team arrested Curtis Larko, 41, on May 19 following an appearance at a south side restaurant.

A search warrant was executed at the home of Larko, in the 1500 block of St. Francis Road North, following the arrest. Fentanyl, cocaine and a double-barrel shotgun were among the items seized.

As result of the search, nearly $20,000 dollars worth of drugs and cash were seized, including:

Double-barrel shotgun;14 shotgun shells;98 fentanyl pills;5 grams of cocaine;37 grams of methamphetamine;20 morphine pills;74 grams of marijuana;7 tabs of suspected LSD;Packaging, scales, and other drug trafficking paraphernalia.

ALERT opened the investigation after receiving information suggesting Larko was involved in drug trafficking in the Lethbridge area. Larko currently faces 12 charges in relation to the arrest:

one charge each for possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine, fentanyl and morphine;one charge each for possession of marijuana and cocaine;possession of proceeds of crime over $5,000.00;careless storage of a firearm;possession of a weapon dangerous to the public;two charges of possession of a firearm without a license;possession of a firearm obtained through the commission of an offence andpossession of a firearm while prohibited.

Larko’s court appearance is scheduled for June 2.

Members of the public who suspect any drug or gang activity in the community can report it to the local police, or contact Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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Nov 16

Was Prince a dad? A look at the secret kids of famous people

A 39-year-old man currently imprisoned in Colorado for unlawfully transporting a gun claims he is Prince’s son.

Carlin Q. Williams is seeking DNA testing to confirm whether he’s the pop superstar’s child. If they are a match, Williams would be the sole heir to the singer’s estate. His mother contends in court papers that she conceived Williams while having sex with Prince at a hotel in 1976 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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A look at some other prominent Americans whose children surfaced years — sometimes decades — after they were born:


In this Dec. 2, 2010, file photo, actor Chuck Norris stands following a ceremony in Garland, Texas.

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File)

Chuck Norris wrote about Dianna DeCioli in his 2004 memoir titled “Against All Odds,” acknowledging that his daughter was the result of a fling he had while married in late 1962.

Norris said he and a woman he called Johanna dated for a “few months” and only slept together once. He did not know about DeCioli until he received a letter from her in 1991.

When the two met, he knew immediately that she was his child.

“I didn’t need DNA or blood tests,” Norris wrote. “There was no doubt in my mind that she was my daughter.”


This combination of file photos shows former President Warren G. Harding, left, and Elizabeth Ann Britton.

(AP Photos/File)

Genetic tests proved last year that the nation’s 29th president, Warren G. Harding, fathered a child with a long-rumored mistress named Nan Britton.

Britton published a memoir several years after the president’s 1923 death, claiming that Elizabeth Ann Blaesing was Harding’s daughter. Historians had long questioned her claims.

Blaesing was Harding’s only known child. She died in 2005.


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair with his longtime housekeeper became public after the former California governor and Maria Shriver announced their divorce.

Mildred Baena spoke in 2011 about the affair, including disclosing that her son, Joseph Baena, is Schwarzenegger’s son. He was 13 years old when the scandal broke and has since been accepted by his father. The two appeared in Hello! magazine together.


This combination of file photos shows Sen. Strom Thurmond in 2002 and Essie Mae Washington Williams in 2005.

(AP Photos/File)

Sen. Strom Thurmond, a onetime segregationist, fathered a daughter with a black maid in 1925. Essie Mae Washington-Williams revealed herself as Thurmond’s child in 2003, after Thurmond died at 100.

The senator never publicly acknowledged her, but his family recognized Washington-Williams’ claim after she came forward.

Thurmond, who served in the Senate for more than 47 years, paid for her college education while governor of South Carolina and later helped her when she was widowed.

Washington-Williams died in 2013.


This combination of file photos shows Country and Western singer and guitarist Hank Williams, left, and Jett Williams.

(AP Photos/File)

Jett Williams was born five days after Hank Williams Sr. died at 29 years old in 1953. Her mother was a girlfriend of Hank Williams Sr. between the country star’s marriages.

She fought for eight years to receive a share of her father’s songwriting royalties and settled in court with Hank Williams Jr. in 1993.

Jett Williams is now a singer and songwriter.


This combination of file photos shows Frank Sinatra, left, in 1990, and Ronan Farrow in 2015.

(Mario Suriani/AP Photo and Amy Sussman/Invision via AP, File)

Mia Farrow said in a 2013 interview with Vanity Fair that it’s possible her son, NBC News reporter Ronan Farrow, is Frank Sinatra’s son, not Woody Allen’s.

Farrow was married to Sinatra for 18 months and “never really split up,” according to her.

In response to the claims, Ronan Farrow tweeted, “Listen, we’re all (asterisk) possibly (asterisk) Frank Sinatra’s son.”

At the time, a representative for Allen told The Associated Press that the article was “so fictitious and extravagantly absurd that he is not going to comment.”

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Nov 16

Missing dog that helps care for 4-year-old with brain condition found

A missing dog that helps care for a 4-year-old with a brain condition was found Wednesday morning, after going missing from her Bedford home.

“To have the police take their time and go in the woods with their little flashlights and look for a dog, it’s just incredible,” said Samantha Monaghan, mother of Luc LeBlanc and owner of Marley the Labrador retriever.

Marley, 3, took off while Monaghan was cooking Tuesday evening in her backyard, which is not fenced.

“All of a sudden, I took my eyes off her and she just went,” she said.

Halifax Regional Police searched for the dog, and also posted messages on social media websites about the disappearance; a Facebook post was shared more than 2,000 times.

A nearby neighbour found Marley, took her in and posted about her on Kijiji. Police connected with the individual Wednesday morning.

Monaghan said that while the dog isn’t specifically trained, she acts like a therapy dog for Luc.

The boy cannot talk and needs constant assistance.

“His survival rate was one [year old], but he’ll be five June 12,” said Monaghan, who moved to the neighbourhood 10 days ago.

Marley wasn’t wearing a collar at the time she took off. Monaghan said she will be more careful from now on and is happy about the reunion.

“[Luc] just loves the dog,” she added.

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Nov 16

#OurYYC Apprentice: Jordan Witzel takes on tarmac duties at Calgary International Airport

Global Calgary Meteorologist Jordan Witzel is heading out in the community to experience some of the many careers that make up our dynamic city.

Through the #OurYYC Apprentice series, Witzel will try his hand at different jobs for one day to see just how challenging they can be.

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  • #OurYYC Apprentice: Jordan Witzel puts the shine on a Calgary car wash

  • #OurYYC Apprentice: Jordan Witzel assists in the birthing of calves

  • #OurYYC Apprentice: Jordan Witzel drives a snow groomer at COP

  • #OurYYC Apprentice: Jordan Witzel as Santa’s not-so-little helper

  • #OurYYC Apprentice: Jordan Witzel as a taxi driver

    There isn’t much that will match the intimidation factor of staring face to face with a 747 commercial airliner as it moves toward you. That’s just one task in the average day of WestJet‘s tarmac crews. I joined up with these teams to see what it takes to guide planes and their passengers into the terminal at Calgary International Airport.

    The crew chief typically preps the team with a quick rundown of what is coming in on each plane prior to its arrival. Once the plane is guided into place, the crew is quick to move into action.

    The space under each plane is tight. My large frame was crammed into place to help unload luggage and get it to the appropriate terminal or connecting flight.

    Crew members say they’ve seen everything from lions to human remains come through on flights.

    Every flight is different and the demands of efficiency are high. If you love the outdoors, this job is for you… until the harsh winter wind begins to blow across the tarmac.

Nov 16

Nashwaaksis students team up with NB entrepreneur for unique IWK donation

New Brunswick award winning entrepreneur Dawn Pottier has teamed up with Grade 8 students at Nashwaaksis Middle School for a creative donation for the IWK Health Centre in Halifax.

The group has been making “wish blankets” to be handed out at the hospital.

“I thought to myself one day, ‘one day when [the business is] big enough, and if this works, I am going to give back’” said Pottier who owns Lulujo Baby in Fredericton.

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In 2010, while on maternity leave, the mother of two started selling infant carriers and in just a few short years her company has expanded into a $2 million international company.

Now, she says the time has come to give back to her community.

“We have about 30 different students —; 30 girls —; and we asked them ‘what would you create, what would your best wishes be for the next generation?’” Pottier said.

Their creative artwork is spread across the baby blankets with messages that are meant to inspire.

Their finished products were revealed at the school on Wednesday.

“It was a great experience because we get to work with our friends to do artwork for children, and also we learned about making our own business,” said student Marlee Rae Brewer.

“I know at 14 years old I was thinking ‘what do I want to do, what do I want to do when I grow up and how can I contribute?’ and so we wanted to pass that message on to [the students] that you can to whatever you want to do,” Pottier said.

This fall 350 blankets will be donated directly to the IWK and the proceeds from any blankets sold will be donated to the hospital’s foundation.

“The proceeds from these blankets will go to our urgent priority fund which funds advanced research and up-to-date equipment,” said Gillian Gresh with the IWK Foundation.

“Families receiving these blankets are also going to get that extra special wish sent to them from these Grade 8 students.”

Pottier says she hopes the blankets bring comfort to families and the project inspires young women at the school to follow their dreams.

Nov 16

Dog found high on heroin, meth in motel room completes 2-month detox

A dog found high on heroin and methamphetamine in a motel in March has successfully finished two months in a detox program.

Bubba was with his owner Joshua West, 40, in an Orange County, Calif., motel filled with drugs and needles when police discovered the pair.

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    The terrier mix was taken to an animal care facility where he was placed in a detox program.

    “I would say looking the video today, his prognosis is excellent,” Dr. Matthew Wheaton of the Alicia Pet Care Center told CBS2. “If he can avoid being exposed to additional drugs in the future with his new ‘forever home’ things will be perfectly fine.”

    Police described Bubba as “lethargic” when they found the dog, which Wheaton suggests understated the actual well-being of the pooch.

    “If the dog was truly ingesting these things in relatively large quantities, I think it would probably be more than just lethargic,” said Wheaton. “There might have been a lot of neurological stimulation with the dog, that at the end of the day it was actually short circuiting things.”

    Now officially done his detox, five rescue organizations have offered to take care of Bubba, while 15 people have signed up to adopt the dog.