Calgary’s ‘Falconridge rapist’ to be released this summer

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Andrew Jefferson, better known as the “Falconridge Rapist,” will be granted statutory release this summer.

After serving two-thirds of his sentence, Jefferson will be released to finish the remainder of his sentence in a community correctional centre or residential facility until it concludes in May 2017.

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Jefferson was first arrested after committing sexual offences between 2006 and 2007. Following his release he returned to jail after an attempted stabbing and theft of  a vehicle in 2013. After serving his sentence, Jefferson will be subject to a 10-year Long Term Supervision Order (LTSO) during which he must report to a parole officer. Other conditions will be determined after monitoring the final year of his sentence in the community.



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    Jefferson was described in court documents as not having a behavioural management problem, an improvement upon his behavior during his first sentence. The Correctional Services of Canada (CSC) said in these documents that Jefferson still struggles with emotions during stressful time periods, and he is a risk for future violence towards an intimate partner and has a history of re-offence. The same documents said that Jefferson is now understanding and motivated to take part in the programming that is recommended for him, including anger and emotions counselling. He has successfully completed a High Intensity Sex Offender program.

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    “The CSC reports that [he] accept[s] responsibility for [his] offending and [has] expressed remorse and victim empathy.”

    He will have to report to a parole officer, and various counsellors, as well as complying with eight conditions of release. These conditions include no drugs or alcohol, seeking and remaining employed, following a treatment plan, and avoiding specific groups of people including the victim and her family, and anyone who is involved in criminal activity or substance abuse.

    If Jefferson becomes an undue risk to the community he can be returned to prison by his parole officer, and the Parole Board of Canada can revoke leave if any conditions are breached.

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