Lucky duck! Winnipeg police step up to help orphaned duckling

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WINNIPEG —; They can fit in the palm of your hand and thanks to some kind Winnipeggers, a group of ducklings are lucky ducks.

“We actually received quite a large number of ducklings,” said Lisa Tretiak, with the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre.

Over the past few days 14 ducklings have been brought to the rescue organization. Seven of them were saved by bystanders along Kenaston Boulevard after their mother was hit by a vehicle.

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“The babies were trying to get back to their mom in the middle of the road, so they managed to keep them off the road and called one of volunteers who was able to come with a box,” said Tretiak.

Wednesday night six more ducklings were turned in. On Thursday morning, Winnipeg police officers found a little duck and called the organization.

“They are very difficult to foster to a wild mother which is what we would like to do,” Tretiak said. “Wild duck mothers can be a little more knowing of her own so it is difficult to add more ducklings unless she is what we call a super mom.”

The rescue group says gosling and ducklings have started to hatch around the city and is reminding people to be careful while driving. If someone comes across a lone duck without a mom there are a few things you can do.

“They can eat on their own but can’t keep themselves warm at night or protect from predators, so if they do spot one it is important they bring them into us,” said Tretiak.

“We can then amalgamate it with other babies of the same kind. A lot of time we have different ages and we will match them up with the proper ages so they form a group, they don’t get used to people and we can release them into the wild.”

Once the ducks are a few weeks old they will be taken to a marsh and released.

If you find gosling or duckling that is in need of help you can reach the Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre at 1-204-510-1855.

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Legalized marijuana: Capitalizing on cannabis or profiting from potheads?

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VANCOUVER — 420 is a mega-marijuana mart in Olympia, Washington — a big box store selling pot from local producers with names like “time bomb.”

But business is certainly booming, according to owner Chad Champagne, and there was a steady stream of customers the morning and afternoon Global News paid a visit to the store.

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  • Vancouver grants first marijuana shop licence

  • Toronto mayor calls for urgent action on ‘Wild West of medical marijuana distribution’

  • Pot taxes won’t go into general revenue: Bill Blair

    READ MORE: Marijuana companies have budding aspirations for pot legalization in Canada

    “Demand is high,” Champagne told Global News. “People now feel comfortable coming in and buying pot.”

    He said his customer base is a bit older than many might expect. “People in their mid-40s and mostly male.”

    The cash-only joint is run like Fort Knox, with three different security systems and night patrols.

    But in the backroom, vaults are filled with the green stuff rather than greenbacks.

    Washington state law allows for adults over the age of 21 to purchase pot to be consumed in the privacy of their own homes. Initiative 502 made recreational pot legal in Washington state in 2012 and retail stores have been allowed to operate since 2014.

    READ MORE: Colorado pot report: More adults smoking weed, not kids

    According to the website 502data长沙桑拿, pot shops in the state can take in anywhere from US $5,000 to $50,000 a day. 420 is somewhere in the middle.

    “The overall scope of the business is growing,” Champagne said.

    The green rush happening in Washington state is proving to be a boon for both business owners and the state.

    So far, overall revenue is at about $1 billion, while the state has collected $210 million in taxes.

    “The idea was if you regulate it like alcohol, that money can be used for the state rather than for the black market,” said Rick Garza, director of the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board.

    WATCH: Is cannabis Canada’s next cash crop? Robin Gill reports.

    Washington charges a 37 per cent excise tax, as well as a 9 per cent sales tax. Some stores include it in the overall price. Others add it at the till.

    But Mark Kleiman, who advised the state on how to proceed with its public health policy, is critical of the current situation and believes the state — and the industry — is profiting from potheads.

    “The vast majority use marijuana occasionally and they contribute nothing to revenue,” said Kleiman, a professor of public policy at New York University. “It comes from people who are smoking all the time.”

    He said the only way to manage this problem is to keep prices high.

    Right now, however, prices are down because there is plenty of pot to go around. In fact, the state is allowing licenced producers to grow up to 12.3 million square feet of marijuana, or the equivalent of about 300 football fields, to supply the medical and recreational marijuana markets.

    “A gram used to sell for $20 to $30,” 420’s Champagne said. “Now, it’s $8 to $15.”

    Low-cost pot is a big concern for those opposed to legal marijuana sales.

    Derek Franklin is with the Washington Association for Substance Abuse and Violence Prevention — a group that fought to stop Initiative 502 and lost.

    He calls legal pot a “public health disaster.”

    “Our culture likes to abuse things. This is an abusable substance,” Franklin told Global News.

    But, the state argues it was the will of the people.

    “People felt marijuana is as available as alcohol and alcohol is regulated and taxed highly,” said. Garza.

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    WATCH: More reporting on Canada’s plans to legalize marijuana

    Toronto Mayor John Tory asking city to regulate marijuana dispensaries


    Toronto Mayor John Tory asking city to regulate marijuana dispensaries


    City begins enforcement for medical marijuana dispensaries


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    Challenges of legalizing marijuana


    Feds announce timeline for marijuana legalization legislation


    MADD warns of driving dangers with marijuana legalization


    420 rally on Parliament Hill attracts several pro marijuana activists


    Mulcair calls for government to pardon criminal records of those with marijuana convictions


    420 Toronto marijuana rally in support of pot legalization

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NS man waiting over two years for hip surgery optimistic about wait time reduction

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A Nova Scotia man who has been waiting two years for a hip replacement is welcoming the province’s latest investment aimed at reducing orthopedic surgery wait times.

Greg Slaunwhite, who used to be an active athlete, was placed on the wait list for hip surgery in May 2014 after his hip pain forced him to retire from his job early.

READ MORE: Long wait for hip replacement surgery in NS

He calls his doctor regularly, and was told most recently in February that his wait could last another seven to 12 months.

“Your life goes on hold for two years basically,” Slaunwhite said.

“Not only the pain you put up with, it’s everything else that comes with it. You start getting depressed, you put on weight…it’s so discouraging.”

Greg Slaunwhite of Lower Sackville, N.S. has been waiting two years for a much-needed hip replacement surgery.

Paul Dewitt/ Global News

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Slaunwhite’s story isn’t unique.

The average wait time for joint replacement in Nova Scotia is 18 to 24 months, but the national standard is six months.

Nova Scotia has always ranked among the worst in the country when it comes to orthopedic surgery wait times.

To improve the situation, the province pledged $1.9 million in the spring budget to fund 160 more orthopedic surgeries this year.

READ MORE: Highlights from Nova Scotia Budget 2016

In total, the province has invested $8.1 million this year in improving orthopedic wait times.

The money will be used for assessments, surgery materials as well as physician costs for hip and knee replacements, foot and ankle procedures and pediatric spinal surgeries at the IWK Health Centre.

The province says the redevelopment of the QEII Health Sciences Centre will also change where and how surgeries are performed and improve efficiency.

“Finally prioritizing those who have been waiting the longest to get them in for surgery has become the now the goal of the past couple of years,” said Health Minister Leo Glavine at a media event at the Dartmouth General Hospital Wednesday.

“I think if we get those people who have been waiting the longest —; those are the ones who will get the quality of life restored as their mobility improves.”

Dr. Eric Howatt, the co-chair of the Provincial Orthopedic Working Group, says there have been improvements since the working group was created a few years ago.

“For the first time, we didn’t actually increase the wait list for joint replacement [last year] and we’ve been working three years on that,” Howatt said.

“So this [funding] will help us actually do an additional couple hundred [surgeries] to get the long waiters off the list. I would love it if it was a lot more [money] because there are about 3,500 people waiting.”

With the province’s aging population and the success and popularity of joint replacement surgeries, Howatt says the demand for these types of procedures will only grow in the years to come.

That means it could take a while for Nova Scotia to reach that six-month benchmark.

“I think if we can continue on the path that we’re on, it will take us several years but I’m much more hopeful than I was when we started this process four years ago with the working group. It was looking very hopeless,” Howatt said.

Meanwhile, Slaunwhite calls the additional funding a “good start” and hopes his days of waiting will soon be over.

“Especially when you’re going on your backside of your sixties and you want to enjoy what you have left, right?,” he said.

“I am active. I was and I’m not anymore. It’s all over.”

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Doctor-assisted dying expected to be hot topic at Liberal biennial convention in Winnipeg

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WINNIPEG – Some grassroots Liberals are using the ruling party’s first national convention since taking power last fall to challenge the Trudeau government’s restrictive approach to medically assisted dying.

Wendy Robbins, the policy chair for the Liberals’ national women’s commission, is spearheading a push to get an emergency resolution added to the agenda of the convention, which begins today in Winnipeg and runs until Saturday.

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The resolution calls on the government to amend its controversial proposed law on assisted death before putting it to a final vote, which the government is aiming to do on Monday.

It urges the government to drop the bill’s restrictive eligibility criteria and adopt instead the more permissive criteria set out by the Supreme Court when it struck down the ban on assisted dying last year.

READ MORE: Provincial medical regulators set detailed guidelines for doctor-assisted dying

And it urges the government to allow advance requests for medical assistance in dying.

Robbins is hoping to have the resolution adopted today by members of the women’s commission, which was the prime mover behind a resolution to legalize medical assistance in dying that was approved at the last Liberal convention in 2014.

“Many of us are saying better no legislation than bad legislation,” she said in an interview.

However, emergency resolutions must be accepted by the party’s national policy committee to make it to the floor of the convention and there’s no guarantee Robbins’ resolution will get that far.

Indeed, Robbins said she’s come under “a certain amount of pressure” from senior Liberals to withdraw the resolution in the interests of demonstrating a united front behind the fledgling government’s first important piece of legislation.

“They really don’t want grassroots Liberals to embarrass them,” she said.

READ MORE: Will Canadian doctors grant assisted death without a new law?

But while party brass may be loathe to challenge the government, Robbins predicted the resolution would get plenty of support from convention delegates, if they’re ever given the chance to vote on it.

“I think the grassroots don’t feel that imperative to be pleasing.”

From the government’s perspective, a debate over the assisted dying bill would mar what was otherwise shaping up to be a celebratory post-election convention undisturbed by controversy.

The biggest item on the agenda involves not policy but the internal operations of the Liberal party: a proposal to overhaul its constitution to, among other things, do away with the concept of membership, giving anyone willing to register as a Liberal the opportunity to vote in leadership and nomination contests, attend conventions and take part in policy development.

Some rank and file Liberals have mounted a campaign to reject the proposed new constitution, which they fear would give too much discretion to party brass to run the party as they see fit.

Debate over legalization of assisted dying dominated the last Liberal convention. Since then, the Supreme Court has struck down the ban on assisted death and the government has been scrambling to enact a new law before June 6, when the top court’s ruling goes into effect.

READ MORE: Assisted-death deadline looms in the Senate

It has introduced Bill C-14, which would make assisted death available only for clearly consenting adults “in an advanced stage of irreversible decline” from a serious and incurable disease, illness or disability and for whom natural death is “reasonably foreseeable.”

That’s considerably more restrictive than the criteria set out by the Supreme Court, which ruled that consenting adults with “grievous and irremediable” medical conditions who are enduring suffering that is intolerable to them have the right to seek medical help to end their lives.

When the government first introduced C-14, Robbins said she was “stunned.”

“I just couldn’t believe it wasn’t more progressive.”

Requiring a person to be close to death before they can get medical help to end their suffering is “absolutely appalling,” she added.

Robbins’ resolution calls on the government to immediately allow people to make advance requests for an assisted death once they’re diagnosed with a grievous condition, like dementia, that will eventually render them incapable of giving informed consent.

And it calls for an independent commission to explore the question of allowing advance directives even before a diagnosis is made.

Robbins said that would allow a people to make their wish for an assisted death known in the event that they suffer an unexpected, catastrophic event, like a massive stroke.

“As long as people are competent, they should be able to make end-of-life decisions,” she said.

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Airbnb regulations in Quebec won’t necessarily mean same approach across Canada

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MONTREAL – Quebec may be the first Canadian jurisdiction to regulate home-sharing services but the new provincial law won’t become the only model guiding the evolution of Airbnb, says a senior company executive.

“What works for one community may not work for another,” Chip Conley, global head of strategy and hospitality, said in an interview.

“The question I think people have is how is it properly regulated in a way that makes sense for local communities and that may be different in Vancouver than it may be in Toronto.”

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There are vast differences in approaches, including taxation laws, in the 34,000 cities in which Airbnb currently operates.

Conley said the company has no problem with local regulations that require, for example, guests to pay lodging taxes or that force property owners who rent out units as a full-time business to register with authorities.

READ MORE: Airbnb for cars: Turo launches in Canada, lets people rent out their vehicles

“To be regulated is to be accepted,” he said.

However, he added that Quebec’s law, which came into effect on April 15, needs to make a clearer distinction between property managers who make hundreds of thousands of dollars and home owners who occasionally rent out their primary residences a few times a year to help pay for vacations.

The Quebec law requires owners who frequently rent out their properties to obtain the same provincial certification as hotel and bed-and-breakfast operators, and therefore charge travellers lodging taxes of up to 3.5 per cent.

Since its implementation last month, requests for certification have more than doubled, said the tourism agency responsible for implementing the law.

Violators face fines between $500 and $50,000.

Xavier Gret of the Quebec Hotel Association says he’s optimistic the province has found the formula to regulate a problem angering an industry that claims to have lost thousands of room rentals due to the presence of Airbnb in the province.

READ MORE: Airbnb introduces a broader insurance coverage policy for Canadians

The association says hotels are not opposed to the use of technology but want a level playing field to compete against Airbnb.

“We are not in a war with the Airbnb platform,” he said in an interview.

Canada is one of Airbnb’s largest global markets, and Montreal is one of its Top 10 cities. Nearly a million Canadians have used Airbnb and about 650,000 visitors to Canada used Airbnb last year.

Airbnb has launched a pilot project in Ontario. It emails the 11,000 people in the province who list their homes on the site, telling them to report the income and educate themselves about consumer protection rights such as cancellations and refunds.

It’s also testing in several cities an initiative in which landlords get a cut when allowing tenants to rent their units.

READ MORE: Ottawa urged to take action on ‘sharing’ services: report

Critics of the service say it’s rife with entrepreneurs renting out multiple properties. Airbnb says 85 per cent of its global “hosts” rent out their primary residences in large cities on average five to six times a month.

Still, Conley acknowledges that Airbnb can have a negative impact on housing availability in cities with affordable housing crises.

He said the service removes tens of thousands of listings that involve speculators converting entire buildings into illegal hotels. In cities like San Francisco, for example, hosts are not permitted to rent out secondary residences.

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Rapper arrested in T.I. concert shooting that killed 1

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NEW YORK — Police investigating a deadly shooting at a packed hip-hop concert arrested a rap artist Thursday, saying surveillance footage showed him stalking through the venue firing a gun.

Roland Collins, who’s from Brooklyn and goes by the stage name Troy Ave, will face attempted murder and weapons charges, a police spokesman said.

Four people were shot, one fatally, when a fight started Wednesday night in a performers’ lounge at a Manhattan concert hall where the star rapper T.I. was scheduled to perform.

The man who died, Ronald McPhatter, was a member of Collins’ entourage and had been there to provide security, according to his family. Collins, 33, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg, police said.

An 8-second video clip released by police shows the gunman bursting through the door of a VIP room in apparent pursuit of another man, who flees off-screen.

WATCH: T.I. Concert Shooting

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As concertgoers huddle under a counter and clutch each other, the gunman, who appears to be limping, stops and scans the room for a moment with his eyes. Then, he spots something, raises his gun and fires.

There were nearly 1,000 people in the concert hall, Irving Plaza, when the shooting began. One of the victims, Christopher Vinson, was shot in the chest on the venue’s ground level after a bullet traveled through the floor, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said. Another bystander, Maggie Heckstall, was shot in the leg, authorities said.

The circumstances of what prompted the fight were still under investigation.

Police Commissioner William Bratton, in an interview with WCBS radio, blamed the shootings on “the crazy world of the so-called rap artists who are basically thugs that basically celebrate the violence that they live all their lives.”

“The music, unfortunately, oftentimes celebrates violence, celebrates degradation of women, celebrates the drug culture, and it’s unfortunate that as they get fame and fortune that some of them are just not able to get out of the life, if you will,” he said.

WATCH: Shots ring out during hip hop concert in NYC

That prompted an angry response from McPhatter’s relatives and a city lawmaker, who derided the comments as insensitive and divisive.

“When white people are doing this violence, I don’t hear the same language being used,” said City Councilman Jumaane Williams, a Brooklyn Democrat who said he had worked on anti-violence initiatives with McPhatter and his older brother, Shanduke McPhatter, a former gang member.

The city’s mayor, Bill de Blasio, also a Democrat, said afterward that he believed Bratton was “talking out of frustration.”

“I think it’s not really right to see a whole genre through one eye,” he said. “There are some rap artists and folks in the hip-hop culture doing amazing, good things for the world.”

Collins was in custody and couldn’t be reached for comment Thursday. It was unclear if he had an attorney who could comment on the charges against him. A message left at a phone number listed for him wasn’t immediately returned.

Shanduke McPhatter said his brother “got too much into” the glamour of the hip-hop scene and it landed him Wednesday night in an environment where alcohol flowed freely and trouble broke out.

READ MORE: Leslieville shooting victim was rapper returning from coaching kids when killed

In a post on his Instagram account, rapper T.I., born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., sent his condolences to the victims, adding that “our music is intended to save lives, like it has mine and many others.”

Police said there was no evidence connecting T.I. to the violence, but the incident marks the third time in a decade that shootings have occurred during or after concerts where the Grammy Award-winning musician was to perform.

A member of the rapper’s entourage was killed and three others were injured during a gunbattle following a party after a concert where T.I. performed near Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2006. Last March, two people were shot and injured in a Charlotte, North Carolina, nightclub where he was to perform.

In 2010, the Atlanta rapper was sentenced to 11 months in prison on federal gun charges.


Associated Press writers Kiley Armstrong, Tom McElroy, Mesfin Fekadu, Jennifer Peltz and Michael Balsamo contributed to this report.

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Edmonton police find fentanyl and weapons in north end drug seizures

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On Wednesday, the Edmonton Police Service announced seven people are facing charges after officers seized $94,000 worth of street drugs along with weapons in a series of north end raids last week.

Police said on Friday, the Northwest Division Special Project Team executed search warrants at five different residences in connection with an ongoing investigation.

They found:

-Over 600 grams of methamphetamine with a street value of over $42,000
-632 fentanyl pills with a street value of over $22,000
-205 grams of shatter with a street value of over $14,000
-Over 150 oxycodone pills and various quantities of crack cocaine, mushrooms and GHB
-Buffing agents
– A sawed-off shotgun and an airsoft gun
-Cash proceeds of crime

Edmonton police show off drugs seized in the city’s north end after search warrants were conducted on May 20, 2016.

COURTESY: Edmonton Police Service

“We are very happy with the outcome of this investigation,” Sgt. Colin Hughan with Northwest Division, said in a news release Wednesday. “This seizure allowed us to remove a significant amount of meth off the streets, along with one of the most dangerous drugs we are seeing today – that being fentanyl.”

Police said seven adults are facing a total of 45 charges which include drug-related, firearms and stolen property offences. They did not reveal the names of the accused.

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  • Fentanyl, cash, Mercedes seized in Edmonton drug bust

  • Edmonton man facing 38 drug, gun and explosive-related charges

  • Deadly W-18 powder seized during Edmonton fentanyl drug bust

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San Jose Sharks head to 1st Cup final after 5-2 win over St. Louis Blues

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SAN JOSE, Calif. – After 25 years, the San Jose Sharks will finally play for the Stanley Cup.

Captain Joe Pavelski scored an early goal, Joel Ward added two of his own and the Sharks advanced to their first Stanley Cup final in franchise history by beating the St. Louis Blues 5-2 on Wednesday night in Game 6 of the Western Conference final.

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Joonas Donskoi also scored, Logan Couture had an empty-netter and Martin Jones made 24 saves as a Sharks team notorious for post-season letdowns will now play for the championship that has eluded stars such as Pavelski, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau for so many years.

“Unbelievable, especially to do it at home,” Thornton said. “These guys have been waiting 25 years for this. … It’s pretty sweet.”

Thornton assisted on Pavelski’s goal less than four minutes into the game to set the tone and Marleau had two assists in the third period that set off chants of “We Want The Cup! We Want The Cup!”

Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final will be Monday night. The Sharks will either host Tampa Bay or visit Pittsburgh, depending on which team wins Game 7 of the Eastern Conference final Thursday night.

“It’s a great moment for those guys who have put in a lot of work but we still have another series to go,” Couture said. “We still have four more wins to try to get. It’s another step. This is the third one now. We’re ready for that next challenge.”

With the loss, the Blues’ post-season woes continue as the franchise still seeks its first championship and first trip to the Cup final since 1970. Coach Ken Hitchcock’s second goalie change of the series did not work as Brian Elliott allowed four goals on 26 shots in his return to the net.

READ MORE: St. Louis Blues really want Canadians to cheer for them in the NHL playoffs

Vladimir Tarasenko, a 40-goal scorer in the regular season, got his first points of the series when he scored twice in the third period but it was too late for the Blues, who still trailed 4-2.

“It stings right now,” captain David Backes said. “Six more wins and we’re having parades on Market Street. Right now . not enough.”

Despite making the playoffs 16 times in 18 seasons and winning the second most games in the NHL since the start of the 2003-04 season, the Sharks have been known for their soul-crushing playoff disappointments.

They won just three games in three previous trips to the conference final, were knocked out twice in four seasons by an eighth seed and most notably blew a 3-0 series lead to lose in the first round to Los Angeles in 2014.

The impact of that loss lasted for an entire year as San Jose missed the playoffs entirely last season. But led by first-year coach Peter DeBoer and bolstered by some key acquisitions by general manager Doug Wilson, the Sharks recovered this year and are now only four wins away from a championship.

This was the first time in San Jose’s history that the team played with a trip to the Stanley Cup final on the line. The atmosphere in the Shark Tank reflected the high stakes with the fans at a frenzy during pregame introductions and the “Let’s Go Sharks!” chants starting soon after the puck dropped.

The Sharks fed off that energy and were buzzing early as Hitchcock predicted before the game. St. Louis nearly silenced the crowd when Alexander Steen got a chance in the slot early in the period but Jones robbed him with a glove save.

That led to a breakaway for Thornton, who missed the net on his chance. But Pavelski recovered the puck behind the net and before Elliott knew what was happening, Pavelski tucked the puck in on a wraparound for his NHL-leading 13th goal of the playoffs.

San Jose added to the lead early in the second when Ward tipped a point shot from Brent Burns past Elliott to make it 2-0.

The Sharks had a chance to add to it when Scottie Upshall was called for a four-minute high-sticking penalty. But the Blues managed to kill San Jose’s potent power play and started to take over the play after that. They couldn’t get a goal the rest of the period, however, as San Jose kept them mostly to the outside and Jones made a great pad save against Jori Lehtera.

Ward’s second goal and another by Donskoi in the third period removed any drama and allowed the fans to celebrate.

NOTES: Marleau played his 165th career playoff game, the most ever for someone who never played in the finals. Thornton is next on the list with 150 games, followed by Curtis Joseph with 133. … The only franchise that has played longer than San Jose without going to a Cup final is Arizona, which began NHL play as the Winnipeg Jets in 1979-80.

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UberEATS aims to take big bite out of Edmonton food delivery competition

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Uber’s ride-sharing service has yet to get the green light to resume operations in Edmonton, but starting Thursday morning its UberEATS app will begin serving up a new option for some Edmontonians who like to have food delivered to them.

“We’ve partnered with 40 of some of the best local restaurants in Edmonton,” Ramit Karr, the general manager for Uber in Alberta, said. “We kind of stayed away from the major chains. We really honed in on your local favourites.

“Generally speaking, it’s restaurants that don’t traditionally do delivery at all.”

READ MORE: Uber-less start for Edmonton’s legal ride-sharing era

Right now the service is only being offered in a delivery zone closer to the city’s core. The zone’s boundaries are 23 Avenue in the south, 170 Street in the west end, 137 Avenue on the north side, and 50 Street in the east.

The UberEATS zone boundary is 23rd Avenue in the south, 170th Street in the west end, 137th Avenue on the north side, and 50th Street in the east.

ChangSha Night Net


  • Uber hopeful Edmonton City Council will change controversial bylaw

  • City seeks input on how taxis, Uber could charge fares in Edmonton

  • Tempers flare as Uber and taxi drivers hold simultaneous rallies at Edmonton City Hall

  • Saskatchewan to pick up $3 million tab for Skip The Dishes job training

  • Edmonton company Squid Arms offers a hand to help with the chores

    Already used by consumers in Toronto and Ottawa, Edmontonians are now able to download the UberEATS app on iOS and Android devices and use it to have food delivered from trendy eateries like El Cortez, MKT Fresh Food and Beer Market and The Local Omnivore.

    “This has massively expanded our reach for who has access to us now, and the ease at which they have access to us, that’s the huge thing,” Mark Bellows, owner/operator of The Local Omnivore, said.

    “We had budgeted to design our own software so we could track our own guests and have them order online,” Bellows added. “This has scrapped all that. We don’t need to do all that. It’s like the old idea: when you can’t do something very well, find someone who’s really good at it and work with them to do it.”

    READ MORE: UberEats expands its Toronto food delivery service

    Once the app is downloaded, people can sign in with their existing Uber accounts — if they have one — and the service allows consumers to track the delivery of their food from the moment it’s picked up by a driver.

    READ MORE: Uber temporarily suspends operations in Alberta’s capital

    Uber says this is another way its drivers can keep working while the ride-sharing business is suspended in Edmonton while waiting for provincially-approved commercial insurance.

    “We had thousands of drivers who were driving on the Uber platform before we had to stop operations,” Karr said. “They’ve been like, ‘hey when are we getting back on the road?’

    “We’re hoping to get back on the road with ride-sharing, but…in the meantime, this is a great opportunity for those drivers to continue to make some extra money to put in their pocket.”

    In an effort to promote its entry into the food delivery business in Alberta’s capital, UberEATS is offering free delivery for orders made in the Edmonton area for an unspecified length of time.

    UberEATS faces established competition in Edmonton. There are already two well-known food delivery companies operating in the city: Winnipeg-based SkipTheDishes, and Toronto-based Just Eat.

    Both allow consumers to order take-out from dozens of local restaurants via a website or app, and the company provides drivers to deliver the orders. Skip’s app and website also allows you to track your delivery’s progress.

    WATCH: CEO and co-founder of SkipTheDishes Joshua Simair talks about how he started the Winnipeg based business on Global News Morning.

    SkipTheDishes recently expanded to start offering breakfast delivery on the weekend, and lunch delivery during the work week.

    In April the tech company entered into a $3 million partnership with the Saskatchewan government to help fund training for 300 new jobs in their Saskatoon corporate office.

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Ice District tower takes shape, occupancy questions remain

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With the exterior now complete, Edmonton’s newest skyscraper is beginning to take shape in the east end of downtown.

A special ceremony was held Wednesday to celebrate the milestone in the construction process of the Edmonton Tower.

A view of the Edmonton Tower in the Ice District on May 25, 2016.

Global News

While the Rogers Place arena will be the centrepiece of the Ice District, a concerted effort to revitalize that portion of the downtown core, the 29-storey Edmonton Tower is also a significant piece of architecture as well as being the Ice District’s first commercial building.

A view of Rogers Place from the Edmonton Tower on May 25, 2016.

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“Downtown is the anchor of the economic vitality of this entire region and this is a big milestone for all of northern Alberta,” Mayor Don Iveson said Wednesday.”It’s going to be a centre for commerce, a centre for governance, a centre for crucial activity in our city.”

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    “If you look at the architecture of this building, it’s absolutely beautiful,” Glenn Scott, senior vice president of real estate at the Katz Group and the developer for Ice District, said. “The building is about 75 per cent leased already.”

    But of that 75 per cent that’s already been leased, 65 per cent will be used by the City of Edmonton while only 10 per cent is taken up by other tenants, although developers say more will come.

    “Look at this building – look at the architecture – it’s right at centre ice,” Scott said. “It’s connected to everything Edmontonians want to have in the Ice District. We’re confident it’s going to be 100 per cent leased.”

    A view of the interior of the Edmonton Tower on May 25, 2016.

    Global News

    In total, 613,000 square metres of space is under construction in downtown Edmonton during a time when Alberta’s economy continues to struggle over the collapse of the price of oil. However, at least one developer suggested that it hasn’t hampered the ability to fill what he considers state-of-the-art buildings.

    “We’ve been very successful here and also in the Stantec Tower,” WAM Development Group’s Darren Durstling said. “There’s a number of tenants that want a better quality building.”

    The Stantec Tower is going up right by the Edmonton Tower along with a hotel and condo complex.

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    “The shape of the city is changing,” Iveson said. “It’s a wonderful time to be an Edmontonian.”

    The City of Edmonton leased space in the Edmonton Tower in order to move 2,300 employees there and the move will allow citizens to access all city services at one location, something city officials believe will improve services and the permit process.

    Construction work is expected to continue on the Edmonton Tower for another six months.

    -with files from Fletcher Kent

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DeLaet trusting process in search of first PGA Tour victory

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Every time he tees off at a PGA Tour event, the question is never far from Graham DeLaet’s mind: will this be the week? Now in his sixth full season on tour, the Saskatchewan golfer’s list of accomplishments includes three second-place finishes and three thirds, but he’s still chasing the ever-elusive first victory.

“I feel like it’s close and that I can break through at any time,” DeLaet said in Saskatoon Wednesday.

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    “It means a lot to me, for sure. I feel like once I get one maybe more will start coming because the pressure’s been lifted, but at the same time I’ve won before at different levels. I know what it takes to win and you can’t focus on the trophy, you’ve got to focus on what you’re doing at that time.”

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    Focusing on the process is easier when you’re healthy, which wasn’t the case for DeLaet in 2015, when a thumb injury cut his season short. These days the 34-year-old is feeling better than he has in years.

    “[I had a] little bit of a neck issue a few weeks ago that just lasted for a few days but other than that it’s as healthy as I’ve been since I was playing mini-tours and Canadian tours, so all that’s been good.”

    There’s another big difference this season for the Weyburn native. He’s now the proud father of twins.

    “It puts things in a different perspective. Golf’s not the most important thing in my life anymore, which it has been for the past ten years. It’s just kind of a new stage in my life and I’m really enjoying it,” DeLaet said.

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    He’s also enjoying the comfort that comes with having spent a few years on tour.

    “I know now that I belong out there and even when I’m maybe not playing my best golf I can still kind of hang around and scrape together some sort of decent finish.”

    It’s that approach which DeLaet hopes will be the key to unlocking win number one. His next opportunity comes June 2 when he tees off at the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio.

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B.C. woman accused in multiple charity scams

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Lia Weekes is fighting hard to save her son Joshua’s life. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.

So she was surprised and disheartened to discover someone collecting money using her son’s picture in front of a Coquitlam grocery store last month.

“This woman was representing herself as someone from Canadian Blood Services and had photocopied some blood drive posters and had them on the table in front of the money box that she was using to collect funds,” Weekes said.

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Her name is Kyra Kathleen Foster and she’s been spotted outside at least five grocery stores, raising money on behalf of Canadian Blood Services, something the non-profit organization does not do.

“We do not solicit funds from any individuals,” David Patterson of Canadian Blood Services said. “You will never see an authorized person from Canadian Blood Services at a mall soliciting funds, outside a grocery store. You won’t see that.”

EXTENDED INTERVIEW: Kyra Kathleen Foster gives her side of the story to Global News journalist Randene Neill.

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“It’s despicable if, in fact, she’s attempting to profit from a family who is going through such a heartbreaking situation,” Kulvinder Hayre said.

Hayre also said she gave money to the same woman at a grocery store in Ladner back in March. She was raising money for a different child.

Westshore RCMP are investigating a similar setup in Langford last Christmas.

It turns out Foster has a history in the court system. In 2005, she was ordered to pay a Halifax property company more than $15,000.

More recently, a court ordered her to pay more than $2,000 to her ex-landlords. They never received the money.

Global News reached out to Foster several times. She responded by email, admitting she has been campaigning for sick children. In fact, she just had another family ask her for help.

Woman accused in multiple charity scams


Woman accused in multiple charity scams


Woman accused of falsely canvassing donations for boy with cancer


Boy, 6, with leukemia needs bone marrow donor


Stem cell swab drive held for boy with leukemia

She adds that she was expecting gratitude and enthusiasm when Joshua’s mother confronted her at the grocery store last month.

As for six-year-old Joshua Weekes, he still desperately needs a bone marrow donor.

Those interested in learning more about the donation process can visit blood长沙夜网.

– With files from Randene Neill

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Blue Bombers top draft choice adjusting to CFL game as rookie camp begins

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WINNIPEG —; A total of 46 players took to the field for the opening day of Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ rookie camp.

Among them was the Blue Bombers top draft pick Trent Corney after signing his first professional contract just 24 hours earlier.

“I had a little bit anxiety going into this practice cause I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like, how I was going to size up,” said Corney.

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Corney, 22, now has his first CFL practice under his belt but he’s still a little sour over not getting an NFL contract.

“I’m a little angry with what happened with the whole NFL thing and I’m just ready to basically have a lot of success in the CFL,” Corney said.

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Corney played the last four seasons at the University of Virginia and it will probably take some time to fully make the transition to the Canadian game.

“It’s definitely an adjustment,” said Corney. “I haven’t played it since high school, different than the American game. I kind of lined up offside a few times today in practice but I don’t think it will take very long before I get re-adjusted.”

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“He’s a young guy and like I said he had a pretty good first day,” said head coach Mike O’Shea.

Considering he’s a rookie with a Canadian passport there’s a good chance Corney will start the season backing up another non-import in Jamaal Westerman but nothing is written in stone. And Corney did not look at all out of place in the 1-on-1 drills on the opening day of rookie camp.

“I did really well in those two – 1 on 1’s,” said Corney. “I won both of them.”

“We’re sticking with our mantra of making sure that there’s good competition across the board so that we leave training camp and enter that first week of the season with the best team possible,” O’Shea said.

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“Hopefully I can bring the energy they need to hopefully make it to the Grey Cup,” said Corney.

The three-day rookie camp continues on Thursday with veterans set to report for physicals on Saturday.

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